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About Link Watchdog

Link Watchdog

Link Watchdog guarantees 100% of the links you post are working.

You are publishing videos on YouTube weekly and you always copy and paste part of your video description with links to your website and your socials.

But what if some of your links go nowhere?

You're probably thinking that you are safe from broken links because you copy all of your description links from a text file and you've verified that they all work. You must be safe right?

  • Fact: 6% of all videos on youtube have at least one broken link in their description. The same broken link can appear on one or hundreds of videos.
  • We estimate that there is around a 1% average click through rate on links in descriptions.
  • That means that if your video has 500,000 daily views, one broken link will cost you 5,000 potential visitors to your website or your socials every day! If this link is on all of your videos, you can start multiplying your losses.
  • Fact: There are people constantly searching the web for broken links to domains and social accounts just waiting for you to mess up so they can make money off of your hard work.

What We Do

Our intelligent and fully automated system provides you with the security that all of your in-description links are safe and your brand is protected.

Scan your Videos

Just give us a link to your channel. We will scan all of your video descriptions and send you a report on all of your broken links. Including how much traffic you could be losing.

Same-Day Notifications

Want to keep doing what you love (making awesome videos) and can't be bothered to recheck your links every time? Don't worry, we will notify you the same day you upload.

Brand Protection

Your brand is your identity. Don't have time to fix the descriptions on 500 videos? We can automatically forward your broken links to the right place and keep brand intruders away.

Cloud Computing

We have our own cloud which processes all of our requests, meaning you get quicker results and we can always scale the service to meet your needs.


We have a full analytics and reporting system that allows you to see everything you need in real time as we monitor your online assets.

Browser Add On

We made an easy Browser Add On that will automatically fill out part of your description with verified links as you upload videos, removing room for error.

What makes Link Watchdog Unique?

We scan and monitor your socials while other link checker services do not.

A normal link checker will scan your website for internal links and tell you which ones result in a standard Page Not Found error.

Link Watchdog scans the YouTube videos from your Channels and is smart enough to know when a social link is broken, which often times is not as simple as looking for the standard error.

Why is Link Watchdog the better choice?

Because in the YouTube era, the only thing that stands between you and that extra payoff can be something as simple as a typo.


Videos Analyzed


Videos with Broken Links


Million Daily Impressions Lost


Daily Clicks Lost

Choose a Plan

Start protecting your YouTube description links automatically today for a low monthly cost or do a one time scan for free.

You are a YouTuber with hundreds of videos and you make money by promoting or running ads

Most of your time you spend editing video and checking your socials. You own and produce your content and you are proud of your work. You try to make sure everything you publish shows your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook links. Maybe you're a live streamer on Twitch or Discord. Maybe you make money off of being an influencer on these other sites. Maybe you have a Patreon account and your followers are potential patrons. You could even be a popular artist that sells your music on Spotify.

You want to be absolutely sure that every YouTube video you publish has 100% working links. That one extra potential customer who saw a "This profile doesn't exist" page when they clicked on your Instagram link could have been the one that got you an extra $5 or $500 this month. You are dedicated to your followers and you give them your best. Make sure they can see that.

Maybe you manage multiple YouTube channels as a service to Brand Account owners

If this is the case, you really can't afford to make mistakes because it could cost you clients. Your paycheck depends on 100% integrity, and yet you would be surprised how many channel managers for large brands make one simple mistake. If your clients find your mistakes before you do, it could mean the end of your career or worse.

Smart channel managers know that it takes two pairs of eyes to proofread. You will never know if what you wrote is ready to be published until you have someone else look at it for you. We are all human and we all make mistakes. If you can find your mistakes before your clients do, you can insure a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

No matter how you do business on YouTube, Link Watchdog can help give you that extra push you need to grow.

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  • Monitor up to 10 YouTube channels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Care to know more about Link Watchdog? Here are some answers to popular questions we get.

  • No. We would never ask you for your YouTube password or any password for that matter. You will be asked to set up a password when you register with us, but we never ask you for that either.

  • That depends on the plan you choose. With a free scan you only get up to 50 videos, but with Basic and Premium plans you can scan up to 600 videos per channel you are monitoring. If you are looking for a bulk account which will allow you to scan thousands of videos per day spanning over 10 channels, you can contact us with a request for a price quote.

  • We scan for broken links on your YouTube video descriptions. Our current system looks for broken links to the following social sites:

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Apple iTunes Store
    • Spotify
    • Patreon

    We also scan for standard broken domain and page links. If you happen to link to a non-existent page on your own site, we can detect that and report it.

  • We will show you a report about what broken links we found, and on what videos we found them. After that you can do the following:

    • Change the broken links in your video descriptions manually using YouTube. We recommend this option if you have very few broken links on very few videos.
    • Use our Browser AddOn to help you edit your video description links We recommend this option if you have many videos which you need to edit descriptions on to fix broken links automatically. This does not automate the entire process, but it works with you to get the job done and guarantees that you have verified working links.
    • Use or Brand Protection feature. We recommend this option if you don't have much time to fix a lot of links. It would be much easier to just make the social links forward to your proper address then to have to bulk edit hundreds of video descriptions. Your descriptions will still have links to the wrong place, but, depending on where your broken link is, you will be able to register that page yourself or create an account with that final address.
  • Our Brand Protection feature is a way to make sure that nobody is registering domains or social accounts that you are sending thousands of hits to by accident. It is meant for our clients who don't have time to edit hundreds or thousands of video descriptions to fix a mistake.

    With Brand Protection you can see a custom report which details where you're accidentally pointing to and if it is possible to register that URL with one of the social services or if the domain is free. There is an option as well which lets us put up a page there for you. The page would be set up just to forward everyone who sees it to your real page on that same social site.

  • We are currently working on a phone app which gives you live notifications on any broken links we find in your existing or new videos.

    If you would like to support us in our efforts, take a moment to put up a link to us in your video descriptions. It should read...

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